Sayonara Japan


When started to say goodbye to FoE staff, interns and host family, I realized that the end of adventures in Japan came eventually. The last week of work generally was like a wrap-up and the left time was assisting staff to finish some work.

Daily work:

On Tuesday(25th), I was preparing the presentation. My supervisor told me that I can present any content and the style I prefer. Because this internship was more lean to academic and social problem, I still chose to present it in a professional way. I summarized what I learned about environmental issues during these six weeks and I talked about the feelings and experience about going to different events with staff. And besides the academic part, I added some pastime element at the end. And the rest of time on Tuesday was helping Yano-san to record the excel of receipts and to check the food ingredients for next Poka-Poka camp trip in August.

I gave the presentation during the Wednesday lunch time. Besides the part I mentioned above, I added the nuclear power in China part in order to answer the question Yoshida-san asked me at the second week that I couldn’t answer. I summarized some current information about nuclear power plants and the capacity of reactors and the plan on development. I also told them, on the contrary, China would focus on developing nuclear energy but it requires many preconditions such as how to balance among other energies, safety guarantee and environmental protection.

This Thursday was my second last day of internship, one of staff wanted me to write an intern diary to post on their blog for readers. So I wrote down what is it like working at FoE Japan and some lessons I learned from working. After this internship, personally, I think it is important to carry out the nuclear phase-out for Japan in the future by considering the aspects of geography, natural disasters, safety problem of nuclear power plants, the future of younger generations, the will of citizens, the development of nation and the protection of the environment. And the efforts made by the NGOs and people who oppose the nuclear energy so far seems to make a step further to realize the goal. All the staff at FoE Japan are working hard for their jobs and continuing their passion for it is commendable when so many around them seem unaware of the environmental problems. Under the influence of them, I think I was motivated to work hard and improved some awareness and sympathy towards the environmental issues which corresponded to my goal to become an intern at FoE Japan. When I get back to school, I will recommend this internship to other students who would be interested in the environmental field and Japanese cultures.

Friday was my last day of work and I didn’t expect that day was the busiest day I had during the time. We didn’t even take any rest. Because they had to send out all the newsletters and information in the afternoon to supporters and donators, I helped to organize over 700 mails and packed them up. After finishing prepared those mails, I also assisted them to prepare the materials they need for Saturday event. It needless was a busy day. After work, I made a request to take a photo as a farewell and I said goodbye to everyone. I almost cried but I didn’t because I believed that I would come back soon and it was just temporary.


Free time:

This is the last weekend staying in Japan. I gave up to firework and festival performance because I wanted to visit Kamakura for the whole day. This was my first time taking the train to be out of Tokyo alone and I kind of worried about it. But the truth was I had a lot of freedom and fun playing at there. The places were beautiful and refreshing. Went there absolutely drew a full mark to my summer in Japan and I strongly recommend that place to everybody if you get a chance to go Kamakura.

Thank Freeman Asia Internship program for giving me this opportunity to have such unique experience in Japan and what I learned during these six weeks absolutely help myself improve in some aspects.


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