The fifth week

This week I do not have much routine work to do compared with the third and fourth week. But I do have some paper work need to complete. I usually ask for work proactively from different staff to see if they need anything or they don’t really have some for me. In general, aside from assisting their work, I use the left time to gain the information in order to collect facts for my research paper.


I saw Yoshida-san and Suzuki-san were talking about something while holding a small electronics in their hands. I was really curious what was that so after their discussion I asked Yoshida-san about that small thing. She told me it was a thermometer and it showed the indoor temperature. And I still wondered what was it for. Some staff has been taking the thermometer to the supermarkets to examine the temperature. They found that the indoor temperature in some sections of markets like dairy products, meats and drinks were 17 degrees Celsius. Then they would reflect this to the markets’ department who took charge of this part in order to let them turn up the AC temperature because it was too cold for the customers and it wasted so much energy. Along with the power shift campaign, NGOs pays a lot of attention to the energy saving and they hope the temperature change of these markets would cooperate with them.

2017-07-27 102232

Today’s work, in particular, was referring the account book and organized the late payment for mailing of June to ask for funding. I didn’t take a long time to finish it because, after all, it was not a hard job for an accounting major student right (it didn’t really relate to accounting though I think😂)? I found out they spent most of mailing money on the nuclear energy project among forests, climate change and finance activities which mean there were many supporters and cooperators in this project caring about the real time things proceed by FoE Japan.


First time went to Japanese DIET House area and the buildings and atmosphere around there made me feel prestigious and professional. I attended this symposium as a role of assistant. My main job was handing out the pass cards to the participants at the entrance of House of Representatives. I know that was an easy job but did work in the House of Representatives is totally a new experience. Because the participants entered the house at the different time, I missed the first part of the symposium. But according to what speakers were presenting after, it is about plan of energy policy revision. The nuclear policy revised every three years and Japan will have a new revised one during this year. NGOs hope to proceed anti-nuclear and anti-coal campaign together and regard their phase-out as a common goal. Prevent from the restart the nuclear power plants does not mean to promote the coal use. Based on reflection of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, they also envisioned the long term sustainable plan for 2050 by following the true “3E+S” strategy. 3E is referring to “economic efficiency”, “energy security” and “environment”; S is referring to “safety”. Economic efficiency means to minimize the cost of energy supply; energy security means when people need electricity, there will be no shortage; environment means people need to consider all the factors that would not harm the environment to develop the energy. And the most important is safety element. Considering the nuclear energy case, the various safety improvement measures should be taken. And in the future, all the energies people are using need to follow the strategy and achieve the goal of sustainability. As for Japan, NGOs envisioned it should be 100% renewable energies such geothermal, solar, wind and hydro by 2040-2050.

2017-07-19 133537


My day off because of the overwork at last week!


office work and updated entry of evacuation lists.


I just did some routine work and spent most of the time preparing my freestyle presentation on Wednesday. And yes! I was really looking forward to the dinner party in the evening. Some FoE staff hosted farewell dinner for me and another intern Jiun as I mentioned in my last post and they also invited the former intern to come. Yano-san and Ayumi-san cooked the authentic Japanese food and thanks for the invitation to join the task of cooking, I tried my best to prepare one dish…

Thanks for the dinner and I felt really grateful!


On the Thursday day off, Ngan, Lisa and I went to the famous Tsukiji Market which serves the best fresh fish in Tokyo and even is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. I was told that if you want to have a really fun and impressive experience, you should arrive there at 4 am. After unloading the products from all over the world, the wholesalers will estimate the value and prepare the auctions. However, I was too lazy to get up early and arrived there at 10am😅. We walked around the market and checked out some shops that were recommended on the internet. All the places are full of people and fish smell. If you will visit Tokyo one day, don’t miss the Tsukiji Market, it deserves to take a look. And you think you can get up at 3 am, must check out the auction view. We left there around 1 and headed straight to Koishikawa Botanic Garden in another area of Tokyo, Bunkyo. The view there was beautiful and it was a good place for people who want to shoot photos. However, just a warm reminder, bring the mosquito-repellent spray or you will suffer a lot like me and it is better to visit there during spring or autumn. Today was a full day, when I got back home, I started to prepare the dinner for host family because I will be leaving soon. Yes, I cooked Chinese food.

On Saturday(7.22), Ngan and I checked out the night view of Tokyo Tower. You can see some parts of Tokyo when looking outside. I just felt sad about leaving Tokyo soon by watching this kind of view. Aside, it is a beautiful place that deserves to go as well.

And on Sunday, I visited the National Museum at Ueno and watched the special exhibition of Deep Sea.


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