The motivation to come to Japan again

Hello everyone!

This week, my main work was translating the “FoE Japan Annual Report 2016-2017” and the left time was doing the daily office work and work on my own project. After the work, I also spent time exploring around the Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya and Asakusa. I’ve been telling my friends that I only have three weeks left and really don’t wanna come back home. It seems every minute left is quite precious for me.

Daily work:

2017-07-11 134043

7.4(Tue) I conducted an interview with Ms. Yoshida about Japan’s nuclear energy. During the inquiry, She told me much information that is helpful for me to know more about the current nuclear situation in Japan. Since Liberal Democratic Party has won the election in December 2012, the proposal of nuclear phase-out by 2030s proposed by former Party was no more valid. So FoE Japan and many other NGOs are working together on letting the government continue to implement this policy since then. Also regarding the efforts that NGOs earned for citizens, most households could choose their own energy suppliers who only use renewable energy instead of being restrained by TEPCO. TEPCO used to take charge of three parts of the supply chain like generating, supplying and selling. Since last year, many industries emerged and replaced several parts in the energy supply chain, which means it will be more efficient and secure when every part of supply chain separated. FoE Japan’s house is using energy from “Minna Electric power company”. And FoE Japan is cooperating with these companies and give the lists to people in order to help them realize they have the choice and they can make efforts for promoting “power shifting campaign”, even “nuclear phase-out”. Recalling the work I did the other day, I input the questionnaire into the power shift website. It seems many people are willing to support to change the current situation toward a brighter side. How inspiring it is! Delivery work; referred the paper version of “Annual Report 2016-2017” to correct the electronic one.

7.5(Wed) translated the Annual Report of FoE Japan 2016-2017(climate change part)

2017-07-10 114032

Translate work for me is really difficult so I need google’s help and thanks to the Chinese character skills which kind of help me to understand.

7.6(Thur) continued translating the Annual Report of FoE Japan 2016-2017(forest part); cooked the lunch soup(tomato soup) for staff members; go to an event about “how can Japan learn from Taiwan to implement zero nuclear energy”. Because the workshop was given in Japanese, I did not really understand what they were talking about. But the main point is how Japan could learn from Taiwan to improve their efforts on nuclear phase-out policy(more details are on the way…).


2017-07-06 184248
Ayumi-san was giving the presentation about Taiwan nuclear energy. And I was a timekeeper so that’s why I was sitting at the front…


7.7(Fri) continued translating the Annual Report of FoE Japan 2016-2017(nuclear part). When translating the report, I saw FoE Japan did make progress on promoting “Power Shift” as I mentioned above and on protecting the health and lives of nuclear accident victims such as Poka-Poka project.

7.10(Mon) continued translating the Annual Report of FoE Japan 2016-2017(financial; satoyama part); read the material Mr. Mishiba gave me; made plum juice with the staff members(super super interesting!!😄 I only made grape wine with my Grandma once, however, the plum sake is the first time. )


2017-07-12 121149
Plum juice takes a week to ferment and plum sake takes about a half year (this is the plum juice).


Free time:

7.7(Fri) After work, I met with Nozomi, Ngan and Lisa at Takeshita Street, Harajuku. This street is filled with the kawaii stuff, probably because of cultures, such as outfit, cosmetics, accessories, and food. We tried a purikura and it indeed a fresh experience for me because the purikura in China is not really authentic.

7.8(Sat) Went to Shibuya area shop “Shibuya 109” and satisfied my desire of shopping😏😎. Plus, my host family welcomed another host student Erik come to live together. Three different countries’ people are living in the same house and you can’t imagine what will happen.

2017-07-08 220524

7.9(Sun) Visited Shitamachi Tanabata Festival at Asakusa. This festival celebrates the once-a-year meeting of the cowherd Hikoboshi and weaving girl Orihime. The common date to celebrate is on 7th July. However, in China, we call it “Qi Xi Jie” which is a Chinese valentine’s day. The story of the tale is kind of different from Japanese one and we celebrate it every 7th July of the lunar year. This year is on 28th, August.

I also went to Sensoji Temple which is near to the festival place. Sensoji Temple is an ancient and oldest Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. People would like to go there to pray to Buddha, burn the incense, ask for the charms and good luck. There were tons of people visiting the temple today and I was not able to get inside so I just walked around. If I have a chance, I will go there again. My host family took us out for dinner which is like the welcome dinner I wrote about in my first post.

On this Friday(14th), I will go to Inawashiro in Fukushima with a staff member and other visitors to visit “Poka-Poka house” and evacuee children. I look forward to this experience so much and I believe that will absolutely have lots of fun!


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