My second week in Tokyo

Can’ t believe my second week in Japan has just passed, I really adjust to the life here somehow. Get up early and have the daily routine to work and come back home or hang out with friends make me feel I am getting into a work life after graduation in advance. Even though it repeats and repeats every single day, I still go out exploring and find fun.

As the first week working for FoE Japan, I basically do the same work at the office for this week. For now, I am getting to conclude that my internship includes more office work supporting staff and assistance for event holding. I usually help staff to do data entry and data sorting. And when some events come up, I will help to set up the room, do reception, distribution of materials and take memo during the events in an English version. This Thursday and Friday I was glad to attend a workshop with Mr. Mishiba who takes charge of Forest environmental issues. My main job for this workshop is to help Mr. Mishiba take notes at “Question and Answer” round. This workshop was sponsored by EU Delegation in Japan and the three guest speakers are from different organizations protecting the forest resources. In this workshop, they basically introduced the EUTR and Due Diligence like how will the companies carry out the system and the importance of it. Even though I do not really know the details of this regulations, I still learned a lot from their presentations. In order to protect the forest resources, EU forbids the illegal logs to enter European market so they hope all the exporters from other countries could help them achieve this goal and follow the law together.

Daily work details:

6.27(Tue)  Post upcoming events onto different event websites; study for EU Workshop

6.28(Wed)  Post upcoming events onto different event websites; prepare the inquiry and interview mentioned in my pre-departure paper; help staff to make an energy-saving small fan.

6.29(Thur)  Go to the workshop: help to prepare the settings and takes notes for the “question and answer” round

6.30(Fri)  Go the second-day workshop, takes notes and clean up the meeting room.

7.3(Mon) Conduct an interview with another intern who is also interested in Fukushima Nuclear Energy case; do office work.


I realized a common fact that Japanese people have really strong self-control and considerations for others. How come? Every day at the train station, people all stand by the left side for leaving right side for people who are in a rush when taking the escalator. And also during the rush hours, even wait for the escalator, people will wait in lines to get on instead of being out of order. Not only taking the train but also has been happened at every bus station. That really surprises me a lot!! I don’t mean that bad, but I do hope people in my hometown can also achieve this goal. People always learn good things after all.

Free time:

7.1(Sat) The first time actually spend with my host family. Miya was taking us out to a shopping mall at Akabane and it seems I am getting closer to the family.

7.2(Sun) Finally went to the Disney Sea. It was an amazing day I have not had for a long time!!!



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