The first week in Japan

Week One 6.19-6.26

It’s been a week since I have arrived Japan, the feeling Tokyo giving to me is lively and clean. Not only the environment is good, but also people here are extremely polite and kind.

I have begun to work since 22nd. The IES staff Mr. Caleb Foale took me here and introduced me to FoE Japan supervisor Ms. Yuriko Shinohara. The work site is a three-floor apartment located in Itabashi-Ku neighborhood which is different from the usual working place. I was really nervous for the first hour staying here due to the strange atmosphere and language problem. However, after one day’s effort, I started to get used to here. The staff has not given me the complicated work so far but basic supporting work like updating the booklet information, typing the supporters’ information into systems and organizing the information stuff. I think because of the language limit, they are unable to give me the complicated and deep work. It seems my eight-month Japanese study has not been helpful to work at here but the elementary communication. Luckily, they have the coworker who can speak English well. Meanwhile, I will try to learn more Japanese. Besides, they required me to get to know the background for the incoming events about Forest as much as possible. This event is a workshop given by EU to give speeches to the Japanese furniture companies and logging companies, etc. All the staff is hard-working, they barely stop unless it is lunch time. And after lunch, they continue working. I feel kind of sleepy after lunch because I used to take a nap, so I remember that the next day I will bring coffee to make me awake. Through these three days observation, their workload is huge. Like picking up the phones, writing articles for the website, giving feedback to supporters, preparing presentations and so on.

Daily work details:

For the first day (22nd), after daily work, I went to Rikkyo University with one staff Ms. Akiko Yoshida. She was going to give a lecture for the international studies students about Fukushima nuclear accident and the nuclear policy. Thanks to the previous study of Japan nuclear power, I knew most material Ms. Yoshida talked about and I believed that my previous paper reflection was on the right track.2017-06-22 1629292017-06-22 1721582017-06-22 171754

According to Friday(23th) and today(26th) work, I keep learning about illegal logging topic. The information about FLEGT(Forest Law Enforcement Governance, Trade), EUTR(European Union Timber Regulation) and Due Diligence are key information I have to know about. Regarding the information gained online, Japan is the biggest importer country for wood use and enormous timbers are illegal sourced. In order to protect forest resources around the world, Japan has to implement their CleanWood Act of Japan strictly. Look forward to the experience on Thursday and Friday.

Free time:

I went to Ikebukuro area yesterday with Ngan for a whole day. We visited the Sunshine 60 Observatory, Sunshine Aquarium, and some small stores. It was totally fulfilled our desire of sightseeing and we had a lot of fun. 

2017-06-25 1512532017-06-25 2251382017-06-25 230230


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