It’s been three days

I arrived Japan on Monday afternoon and reunited with IWU friends Ngan, Qingying and Lisa in the hotel. We didn’t have a plan for the evening so we just walked around and had dinner together.

On Tuesday, we met IES staff and had an orientation in IES center. All the IES staff are really nice and offer help anytime. In the afternoon, my host family picked me up at the train station and I went back to my new home. Host Dad Kazu plays baseball and he was going to have a dinner with his baseball teammates. Then host Mom Miya took daughter Miyu, Riko and me went there as well. I met many Kazu and Miya’s friends and they are all very friendly. Although I didn’t understand what they were saying because of the language, we still had fun. Thanks to the phone, body language, and my poor Japanese😂.

2017-06-20 2120392017-06-20 1940582017-06-20 212058

2017-06-20 212521
Miya was riding the bike and I sat at the back XD


Today is my day off. I don’t have work to do until tomorrow. Miya showed me how to take the train to my work site in the morning. I thought it was gonna be really difficult, fortunately, I know Kanji on the sign board so I don’t think I will be lost in the underground haha. Hope tomorrow I won’t regret what I said today. Miya cooked the dinner for me. This plate with meat called とり. It tasted pretty good!

2017-06-21 193926.jpg

Tomorrow will be my first day of work. Miya asked me am I nervous about the job and of course, I said yes. So gotta sleep now and gain the energy for my first internship day.


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